"Saliva Retreat" by Lauren Lee McCarthy (2019 Awardee.) Photography by Mathilda Olmi © Centre d’Art contemporain Genève and David Leonard.
Anicka Yi (2023 Awardee) at Tate Modern with works from “Hyundai Commission: Anicka Yi”, 2021. Credit: Lauren Fleishman for The New York Times.
"Anyspace? Whatever." by rootoftwo (2023 Awardees), 2022.
“Asian America is America” by Christy Chan (2024 Awardee) projected above Oakland's Lake Merritt for 'Dear America,' 2021.
Jennie C. Jones (2008 Awardee) at the Guggenheim Museum, 2022. © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Photo: David Heald.
Company Stephanie Batten Bland (2023 Awardee) in "Embarqued: Stories of Soil." Photograph by Tony Turner.
Still from Jules Rosskam's (2019 Awardee) "Desire Lines", 2024. Credit: Marie Hinson.
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Funding groundbreaking artists since 1999

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