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Developed with the help of color vision scientists, Zoomorph is software that generates simulations of how various animals see, helping us experience the world through the eyes of another species. Zoomorph is an ongoing project. The current version simulates the color vision of animals that have less color receptors than humans. Future releases will attempt to simulate the vision of animals with more color receptors as well as other aspects of vision such as sensitivity to ultraviolet light, acuity, peripheral vision, night vision, and more experimental aspects of vision, such as magnetoception. In addition, non-scientific ways of learning about animal vision will be incorporated, such as knowledge created by telepathic animal communicators, and shamanistic practitioners. The project acknowledges the agency of non-human animals, making it more difficult for its audience, us humans, to disregard their perspectives, desires and rights.

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Lisa Jevbratt

Lisa Jevbratt

Santa Barbara, CA

Lisa Jevbratt is a Swedish-born media artist and professor in Art and Media Art Technology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jevbratt’s work has been exhibited in venues such as the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis; the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada; the Swedish National Public Art Council in Stockholm; Centro Colombo Americano in Bogota; and the New Museum and the Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Her work is discussed in numerous books, including Internet Art by Rachel Greene, Digital Art by Christiane Paul and Art + Science Now by Stephen Wilson. Published texts include “Inquiries in Infomics” in Network Art – Practices and Positions ed. Tom Corby, ”Interspecies Collaboration, Making Art Together with Nonhuman Animals” in Tierstudien and ”With the Eyes of Another” in Antennae.