Noelle Tan is a photography-based artist who lives and works in Washington, DC.

Artist Bio

Noelle Tan creates a series of black and white landscape photographs of desert areas in Nevada, Utah and Arizona; she processes them using an experimental technique that leads to allusive, rather than realistic images. Largely consisting of a blank white space dotted with animals, vegetation and other ubiquitous markers of terrain, Tan’s work asks the viewer to connect shadows and hints of images to a perceived narrative or event.

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Noelle Tan

Occoquan, VA

Born in the Philippines in 1969, Noelle Tan currently works and lives in Washington, DC. She earned her BFA from New York University and her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Ms. Tan has shown her work in Boston, LA, NYC, Austin, at venues including the Headlands Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the Asian American Arts Center in NYC, Creative Arts Agency in Beverly Hills, Chambers Fine Art in NYC, and Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal, also in NYC. Noelle was an Artist-in-Residence in the Center for Photography’s annual residency program in the summer of 2003.