Ruin Maps

Hirokazu Kosaka

Artist Bio

For Ruin Maps, Kosaka asked 100 elders from the Los Angeles Japanese-American community to draw maps of their childhood communities from memory. Some of these participants were documented on digital video as they created their maps and related the stories of their upbringings. A selection of the maps was enlarged to 36 x 36 inches, and used as the basis for a series of woodcut prints produced with a master printer. Along with the edited video footage, these prints were exhibited at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles.

Award Year


Hirokazu Kosaka

Torrance, CA

Hirokazu Kosaka is a multi-disciplinary artist and Buddhist priest based in Los Angeles. His exhibitions include Silkroad (2000) at the Getty Center, In Between the Heartbeat (1999) at multiple spaces in Los Angeles, and Amerika (1994) at Jacob’s Pillow in Massachusetts. He received a fellowship from the Durfee Foundation in 1999, a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in 1998, and a California Arts Council Fellowship in 1996.