problemkinder / Mercy Killing Aktion

Quintan Ana Wikswo

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In problemkinder / Mercy Killing Aktion, Quintan Ana Wikswo explores clandestine sites where state-sponsored programs conducted biosocial crimes and human rights atrocities against female, queer, disabled, ethnic, and psychiatrically-targeted communities. The artist uses damaged, broken, and salvaged cameras, typewriters, administrative and industrial materials manufactured through forced institutional labor to create a constellation of projects in text, literature, photography, film, video, fieldwork documentation, site-specific installations and collaborative performance works. These materials become unexpected tools to subvert the secrecy, censorship, silencing and suppression surrounding how the state defines normalcy, and the institutions it uses to control, contain and eliminate those whom it deems abnormal.

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Quintan Ana Wikswo

Quintan Ana Wikswo

Santa Fe, NM

Quintan Ana Wikswo is recognized for adventurous, challenging cross-disciplinary projects that integrate her original literature, visual art, film installations and performance works. Her projects – created using salvaged military cameras and communications equipment – navigate known, unknown and imagined worlds, including obscured and occluded sites where crimes against humanity have taken place. For twenty years, she served as a human rights field worker in genocide aftermath, hate crimes and gender violence in the Americas and Europe. Wikswo’s artistic practice occupies the lacunae between the intimate internal psyche and external geopolitical upheaval, especially the borderlands of gender, erotics, warfare, violence and power inhabited by opposition, insurrection and shamanism. Her works are performed, presented, exhibited and published around the world. In 2014 she had two solo major museum exhibitions of SONDERBAUTEN in Berlin and Munich. She is the author of collection of photographs and texts THE HOPE OF FLOATING HAS CARRIED US THIS FAR (Coffee House Press, 2015) and a novel with photographs A LONG CURVING SCAR WHERE THE HEART SHOULD BE (Stalking Horse Press, 2017, forthcoming), in addition to works published in TIN HOUSE, GUERNICA, CONJUNCTIONS, KENYON REVIEW and more. She holds multiple residencies at Yaddo.