Mel Chin makes work that require multi-disciplinary, collaborative teamwork and work that conjoins cross-cultural aesthetics with complex ideas.

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PAYDIRT is an art/landscape project, informed by scientific process, that will make New Orleans safe to rebuild on and to return to. PAYDIRT will pay for itself through an even exchange of art for dollars. PAYDIRT will allow for traumatized citizens, the displaced children of the Katrina disaster to participate in the creation and distribution of an artwork while contributing to the rebuilding of a healthy foundation for New Orleans. PAYDIRT will reach out to and reconnect with thousands of people who have left New Orleans, and reunite them with others, deeply committed to rebuilding the cultural and physical health of New Orleans.

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Mel Chin

Mel Chin

Burnsville, NC

Mel Chin’s Revival Field has been presented in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and the Netherlands. His other solo exhibitions include Anxious Objects at Colorado State University, Inescapable Histories, which traveled to several U.S. cities, and Soil and Sky, at Swarthmore College. Chin’s work has been shown at group exhibitions in Istanbul, New York, and Kwangju, Korea. He was selected to participate in Art 21: Art in the 21st Century, a four-part PBS series, which was broadcast nationally in September 2001. Chin is the recipient of the Cal Arts Herb Alpert Award in the Visual Arts, a Rockefeller Grant, and an NEA Fellowship, among others.