Mountain State

Bill Brown

Artist Bio

Mountain State, a documentary shot on color negative 16mm film, investigates a mysterious character that roamed Point Pleasant, West Virginia more than thirty years ago, documenting an intrusion of something extraordinary into ordinary life. Through historical data and eyewitness accounts, Mountain State explores the tension between history and subjective recollection.

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Bill Brown

Lubbock, TX

Bill Brown creates personal documentaries that explore the relationship between people and the places they live. His films, including Roswell, Invisible Bridges, Hub City, Confederation Park , Buffalo Common, Mountain State, The Other Side, Chicago Corner and Memorial Land, have screened at festivals, galleries and museums around the world, including Sundance, Rotterdam and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He is the recipient of Fulbright and Rockefeller Fellowships. Brown is interested in movie touring and alternative exhibition, and has organized a number of DIY film tours: Lo Fi Landscapes (a 2002 tour of the Eastern and Southern US with filmmaker Tom Comerford), Lo Fi Landscapes 2 (a tour of the Western US in 2005), the Pedal Powered Movie Tour (a movie-bike tour from Washington, DC to Denver in 2006 with a program of films about border activism and immigration along the US-Mexico border) and La Cyclo-Cinémathèque (a movie-bike tour across France in 2007 with video artist and filmmaker Sabine Gruffat). Along with Gruffat, he created a locative media iPhone app called Bike Box, as well as an on-going live-cinema performance called Time Machine.