Paul Shambroom is a photographer whose work explores American power and culture.

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Meetings continues Paul Shambroom’s ten-year exploration of American power dynamics. Shambroom has photographed over 100 municipal and neighborhood meetings to date. Exhibitions of Meetings include notes, agendas, and minutes from the meetings photographed. The large-format images bear witness to the way power is handled in various settings, and implicitly speak to the dynamics among artist, subject, and viewer.

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Paul Shambroom

Paul Shambroom

Minneapolis, MN

Paul Shambroom uses found and original photographs to explore American power and culture. His recent practice incorporates sourced images, collaborative theater and 3D constructions. His documentary subjects include nuclear weapons and small-town council meetings. He’s published three monographs: “Past Time”, “Meetings” and “Face to Face with the Bomb….” and a catalog for his mid-career touring exhibition “…Picturing Power.” He is a Guggenheim Fellow and a Creative Capital grantee, among other honors. His work has been in the Whitney Biennial and has been collected and exhibited by major museums including the San Francisco MoMA, MoMA (NY), the Walker Art Center and the Art Institute of Chicago. He is an Associate Professor in Art, University of Minnesota.