God’s Punk

Max King Cap

Artist Bio

God’s Punk is a video and performance project. The work uses the relationship between the formal garden and the forest as a metaphor for the sacred and profane and is constructed as an operetta. Technically low-fi, God’s Punk follows a central character who attempts to emulate the divine example and fails by misunderstanding the nature of allegory.

Installation, Opera
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Max King Cap

Max King Cap

Los Angeles, CA

Max King Cap, former firefighter and advertising copywriter, is an artist whose work in various media has been seen in numerous galleries and museums in the US and Europe. He is also an educator who has taught most recently at Pitzer College. After earning his MFA from the University of Chicago he taught in the architecture department of the Illinois Institute of Technology and was an artist-in-residence at the Kunst Akademie Karlsruhe in Germany. His work, in the vein of Sue Coe and Leon Golub, addresses oppression of all kinds and governmental excesses in particular. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California.