Digital Farm Collective

Matthew Moore is a fourth-generation family farmer, working artist, and food activist.

Artist Bio

As a fourth generation farmer whose land is currently being encroached upon by suburban sprawl, Matthew Moore created The Digital Farm Collective to collect and share the images of the most important daily process of agriculture—the growth of our produce. Using time-lapse photography, Moore has begun the process of filming everything he grows and inviting other farmers to do the same. The arranged short films show a single production cycle of each plant or tree. Footage and interviews of farmers all over the world will be compiled to create an international database or living library that shares footage, philosophies and agricultural data on the growth of our produce. The ultimate goal of the project is to reconnect us with our food and share the stories of the plants and the farmers and families that grow them.

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Matthew Moore

Phoenix, AZ

Moore is a fourth-generation family farmer, working artist, and food activist. Moore farms outside of Phoenix, Arizona, and exhibits his video and installation artwork internationally. Through these practices, he addresses issues of ecological, cultural and economical sustainability and the potential loss of small independent farms. Moore lectures on art and agriculture at conferences and universities across the country from San Francisco to New York. His work has been exhibited at the Phoenix Art Museum, the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, the Walker Art Center, MassMoCA, the Confederation Centre and Nuit Blanche in Canada. He has been featured in publications including Art Forum, Art in America, Metropolis Magazine, Dwell, and Architecture magazine, as well as Mark Magazine and Dazed and Confused of Europe. Moore and his wife Carrie Marill have created an international art residency in collaboration with ASU Art Museum at their repurposed apartment building in downtown Phoenix. Moore is a 2008 Creative Capital Awardee for his project The Digital Farm Collective.