A Short Film About Andy Warhol

James Lyons

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Surreal and simply framed, A Short Film About Andy Warhol runs six minutes, and follows the artist home after an imagined night on the town. He wakes, realizes his youth has left him and contemplates mysterious scars on his body and a woman’s necklace that he wears hidden beneath his clothing. The film stars director Gus Van Sant and is shot by Ed Lachman. The sound score will be quiet and environmental, accentuating the overall silence of the film. An award-winning editor of many directors’ features and short films, this is Lyons’ first film as a director.

Narrative Film
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James Lyons

James Lyons

Brooklyn, NY

James Lyons was an award-winning film editor who has worked extensively with Todd Haynes, including the films Safe, Poison and Velvet Goldmine, which he co-wrote and which won a special Artistic Award at The Cannes Film Festival, as well as Far From Heaven. He also edited Sophia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides and the documentary Silver Lake Life, among other projects. Lyons was also active as an AIDS activist and educator. He studied Film, Literature, and Psychology at New York University.

Lyons died April 12, 2007 in Manhattan. He was 46 and lived in Brooklyn.