We spoke to Ligia, Matt, and Lei, as well as Susan Narucki (a 2006 Creative Capital Awardee), who sings the lead character and produced the opera, and Cara Consilvio, director. Alex Teplitzky—Can one of you describe the project for me? Matt Donovan—Maybe I can talk a little about the history of the project to get

In this interview, Barbara told us that it was not only a way for her to give to a future generation of risk-taking artists like herself, but it helped her think about her budget at the end of a project’s lifespan. Today, Barbara’s example has helped us think about the kinds of artists we seek

Do you find that conveying a message through your work is easier than communicating about your work? We have two upcoming New York workshops at our Downtown Manhattan office that will help you communicate about your practice, whether it’s through the web, through social media, or in person. Building and Engaging Digital Presence Led by

Sometimes the most difficult part of creating your artwork is finding the right kind of funding to make it happen. We know it’s not always easy! So, this October, we have a curriculum of courses to help you fund your work, and budget for your projects. You can participate in every online workshops live, or

Every month we compile a list of residencies, grant and award opportunities, and open calls for artists and curators working in all disciplines. Need help writing a competitive application for a grant or residency? Ethan Nosowsky, Editorial Director of Graywolf Press, has participated in many grant juries and residency panels, and offers his expertise in

In his Creative Capital project, Red Lines, Evan Roth investigates the physicality of the web as a means to unite and reconnect with changing digital and natural landscapes. Read more about the project in our interview with the artist.

The Dinners Project is a platform for artists and communities around the country to host potluck-style gatherings from October 4 to 7, 2018 to ensure artists’ voices are an active part of civic discourse leading up to the midterm elections. This is an important moment in our nation’s history—now is the time to break bread

September is back to school season, and Creative Capital has a new curriculum of online workshops to help you market and promote your artistic practice. Develop your marketing strategy, then implement it through your website, email outreach, and Kickstarter campaign. Finally, seal the deal with our tutorial on the essentials of negotiation. You can participate

Paul Rucker is an artist full of historical facts about racism against black people in the United States of America. In the inaugural exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU in Richmond, he displays historical artifacts related to slavery and white supremacy, including pro-slavery books, Ku Klux Klan paraphernalia, and lynching postcards from the early 20th century. We spoke to Paul Rucker during the premiere of his work.