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Deborah Stratman talks about her Creative Capital Project, The Illinois Parables, an experimental documentary centered around events in Illinois’s history in which ideological belief shapes the world we live in today.

We spoke to Srikanth Reddy about his new book-length poem, and Creative Capital Project, Underworld Lit, published by Wave Books

We spoke to Percival Everett about his Creative Capital Project, Telephone, a new novel published by Graywolf Press, which comes in three different versions.

Jocelyn Arem is an artist who specializes in turning archival content into art. She leads our four-part online workshop, “Archival Storytelling for Artists,” starting May 6. We spoke to her about how she suggests artists approach archival storytelling.

As the world remains isolated indoors due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett have made their Creative Capital Project, Whispering Pines 10, viewable for free. We speak to the artists to hear more about their digital soap opera.

We spoke to Ben Kerr to get a better understanding of Art Law for Artists, an online workshop to help artists be informed about contracts, negotiation, business formation, and intellectual property.

We speak to Jessica Anthony about her Creative Capital Project—a new novel called Enter the Aardvark published by Little, Brown, & Company. The novel centers around a taxidermied aardvark delivered mysteriously to Alexander Paine Wilson, a representative from Virginia, eventually leading to his downfall.

Julia Christensen has been thinking our obsession with upgrade culture and the continuing obsolescence of digital media. The project has become a series of artworks all stemming from Christensen’s Creative Capital Project, Upgrade Available. We spoke to Christensen about the work.

Inspired by the longevity of single-use plastic, Robin Frohardt has created an entire fake grocery store made of plastic bags she has collected over the years. Frohardt’s Creative Capital Project, The Plastic Bag Store opens at Times Square in New York, March 18. We spoke to Frohardt about the project.

Critical Art Ensemlbe received a Creative Capital Award in 2005 for their bioart project, GenTerra, to help stimulate a more engaged and informed public discourse happening at the time around Genetically Modified Organisms. In its support of the artist collective, Creative Capital went on a journey with them, telling a unique story about how we work with artists.