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Elissa Washuta spoke about heartbreak, how the internet changed her life, and her new book, her Creative Capital Project, White Magic.

Sheetal Prajapati talks about how her multiplicity of “identities” as an interdisciplinary artist and arts administrator benefits her larger practices.

Paul Schmelzer talks about his new digital publication produced with Nicole J. Caruth, which looks at all the issues and source material that inspire artists to make their work.

Wes Hurley discusses his film, Potato Dreams of America, which tells his immigration story of moving to the US from the crumbling USSR.

Brian Harnetty talks about his Creative Capital Project, Shawnee, Ohio, the story of the Appalachian town, and the people behind some of the archival recordings.

We spoke to Michèle Stephenson, Joe Brewster, and Yasmin Elayat about the premiere of their Creative Capital Project, “Changing Same,” at Sundance Film Festival.

Jake Yuzna talks about his Creative Capital Project, After America, and the unique workshop practice to collaborate with the actors who play versions of themselves.

Meshell Ndegeocello speaks about her Creative Capital Project, Chapter & Verse: The Gospel of James Baldwin, an accessible series of songs, thoughts, and meditations offered online and through a phone number anyone can dial for free.

Steve Rowell speaks about how his Creative Capital Project, Uncanny Sensing, Remote Valleys, which documents, examines, and represents how the nonhuman world exists in an environment so altered by humans.

Megan Canning and Rachel Crawford speak about their four-part workshop on how to make a compelling artist website.