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Brandon Ballengée’s Searching for the Ghosts of the Gulf will premiere at FishSTOCK in Plaquemines Parish, LA on March 25, 2023. Learn more about the project in his Artist Diary!

A.K. Burns’s largest solo exhibition to date, “Of space we are…” at the Wexner Center for the Arts, considers the intersection between the human, nonhuman, and the environment—and the value systems that guide our perceptions of each.

“Suspend yea notions of time, we can’t keep track of that in this place, of dis’place.”   HouseFull of Blackwomen is conjure art, the insistence movement, activated in store fronts,  streets, houses, warehouses, museums, galleries and theaters of Oakland, California. HouseFull began as a two-year project and morphed into an eight-year process of 15 public “episodes” which

Rodrigo Reyes’s documentary Sansón and Me is a moving portrait of the unlikely friendship of two Mexican migrants, told within the frame of the dramatic clash between systemic forces and personal choices that envelop young, incarcerated men of color in America. 

In the fall of 2011, like many Angelenos, I heard stories on the radio about tubas that were  stolen from multiple high schools in Los Angeles. When the stories were reported, the focus was on the thieves and why they would do this. I was curious about the students’ listening experiences in the band, and