Phillip Andrew Lewis

Phillip Andrew Lewis

Pittsburgh, PA

Phillip Andrew Lewis is a Tennessee-based artist working in video, sound, photography, sculpture and installation. His creative research responds to historical events, psychology, phenomenology and physics. This work consistently examines duration, perceptual limits and attentive observation. In addition to his individual pursuits, Lewis is involved in a series of long-term evolving collaborations. Lewis is the recipient of awards from numerous organizations including the Bemis Center for the Arts Fellowship, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant and the Tennessee Arts Commission, where he received an Individual Artist Fellowship, among others. He currently teaches in the photography and media program at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.


Phillip Andrew Lewis

Artist Bio

From 1989–91, Phillip Andrew Lewis was held against his will inside an unmarked building as part of an experimental treatment program for drug rehabilitation. This government program used extreme methods of sensory deprivation and systems of control, while employing cultic methodologies. It was one of only a few in North America, all of which have been shut down and remain mostly unknown today. Lewis plans to recreate the experience through installation, photography, sculpture and video.

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