Jim Findlay

Jim Findlay

Brooklyn, NY

Jim Findlay works across boundaries as a theater artist, visual artist and filmmaker. His recent work includes the productions Vine of the Dead (2015), Dream of the Red Chamber, a performance for a sleeping audience (2014) and Botanica (2012), which he later adapted to 3D film (produced by 3LD Art+Technology Center). In 2013, he directed and designed David Lang’s Whisper Opera for Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art and Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival and it continues to tour internationally. His video installation Meditation, created in collaboration with Ralph Lemon, was acquired by the Walker Art Center for its permanent collection in 2011. Findlay was a founding member of The Collapsable Giraffe in 1995, and in partnership with Radiohole, founded and helped run the Collapsable Hole from 2000–13. His work has been seen at BAM, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Arena Stage, A.R.T., and over 50 cities worldwide including Berlin, Istanbul, London, Moscow and Paris.

Electric Lucifer

Jim Findlay

Artist Bio

Electric Lucifer reanimates Bruce Haack’s visionary song cycle from the 1970s, The Electric Lucifer Part 1 and Part 2, as a futuristic, music-driven performance for a 21st-century audience. Haack’s songs focus on the fallout of a war in heaven that resolves with the redemption of Lucifer and his angels through ”power love,” a technologically energized form of love. This project intends to render Haack’s allegory as a starkly modern cultural dilemma that impacts the audience’s own hopes and dreams for who we are now and what we might become. In a world constantly on the brink of both disaster and transcendence it asks, which side are you on?

Jim Findlay premiered his project at the Kitchen in New York in 2018.

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