Donna Uchizono

Donna Uchizono

New York, NY

Since 1988, Donna Uchizono’s dance works have been presented at many New York venues, including The Kitchen, PS 122, and the Whitney Museum on 42nd Street. Regionally, she has been commissioned by Minneapolis’s New Dance Ensemble and by the National Performance Network. Internationally she has toured to Spain, Belgium, Portugal, and Argentina. Uchizono is the recipient of a 1998 Guggenheim Fellowship, consecutive National Endowment for the Arts fellowships from 1993–95, and NYFA fellowships in 1996 and 2000. She has taught workshops and master classes extensively in the United States and across Europe.

The Salon Project

Donna Uchizono

Artist Bio

The Salon Project occurs in two phases: Uchizono creates a new modern dance work, Low, for her company dancers; then the piece is reconfigured for presentation in ballrooms and dance halls. The Salon Project is inspired by Uchizono’s month-long residency in Argentina, where she created an evening-length work for both Argentine dancers of European descent and the indigenous tribal musicians of the Tobas Indian Nation. The Salon Project employs a movement vocabulary drawn from Argentine Tango’s use of limited space, counterclockwise circling, and the constant, dynamic interplay of weight between partners. Original music was created for the work by composer Guy Yarden.

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