Artemio Rodriguez

Artemio Rodriguez


Artemio Rodriguez is a self-taught woodcut artist and printmaker. His solo exhibits include The Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park, California; Libreria Pegaso in Mexico City; and Galeria Sin Fronteras in Austin, Texas. He is the recipient of a Durfee Foundation Grant and a Kala Art Institute Fellowship, and he won a Los Angeles MTA poster competition that featured his poster designs on buses and metros. He is the editor of Jose Guadalupe Posada: 150 Years, published by La Mano Press, and The King of Things, a handmade book.

Grafico Movil

Artemio Rodriguez

Artist Bio

A customized 1948 Chevy delivery truck, Grafico Movil pays homage to the complex and innovative history of printmaking and the graphic arts, designed by artists Artemio Rodríguez, Grafico Movil is a mural, gallery, printmaking studio and movie theatre on wheels. Grafico Movil is designed to go to schools, parks, community art centers, museums, and other public institutions to showcase all it offers.

Craft, Public Art
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