A purple-haired artist looks over her shoulder.

Angela Washko

Pittsburgh, PA

Angela Washko is an artist who creates new forums for discussions about feminism. Washko’s practice spans interventions in mainstream media, performance art, video, and video games. She is committed to telling complex and unconventional stories about the media we consume from unusual perspectives. Since 2012, Washko has operated The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft, an ongoing intervention inside the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game. A recent recipient of the Impact Award at Indiecade, a Franklin Furnace Performance Fund Grant, and a Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art at the Frontier Grant, Washko’s practice has been highlighted in The New Yorker, Frieze Magazine, Time Magazine, The Guardian, Artforum, The Los Angeles Times, Art in America, The New York Times, and more. Her projects have been presented internationally at venues including Museum of the Moving Image, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the Milan Design Triennale, the Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennial and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Washko is an Assistant Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Uncasted Queen and Her Progeny

Angela Washko is an artist who creates new forums for discussions about feminism.

Artist Bio

The Uncasted Queen and Her Progeny is an experimental, narrative video game about a legendary drag queen in a post-industrial American city and her many years spent auditioning for competition-based reality television show RuPaul’s Drag Race. The game presents an underrepresented perspective on reality TV’s impact on the queer performance community and explores the question: what happens to the people who get left behind when subversive subcultures go mainstream?

Digital Media, Games
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