Alex Stikich

Brooklyn, NY

Filmmaker Alex Stikich’s documentaries include Quienes Son? and Djinn–Spirit of The Sahara, which have been screened extensively at festivals in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States. Stikich has received awards and funding from the Black Maria Film Festival and the Santa Fe Center for Visual Arts. His documentary photography has been exhibited in New York, Santa Fe, and Los Angeles, as well as in Venezuela, and he has worked as a cinematographer on many documentaries, short films and commercials. Stikich studied at the International Center of Photography and Film/Video Arts.

Honesto-Corrupt Politician

Alex Stikich

Artist Bio

Honesto-Corrupt Politician is a three-part short video that humorously portrays the effects of governmental corruption around the world, particularly in Latin America. The character of Honesto is fictitious, embodying many qualities of a dishonest Latin American official. The video portrays his rise and fall through a combination of live and archival footage—the recurring image of Honesto alternates with a stream of political ads, audio samples of speeches and newscasts. Honesto-Corrupt Politician‘s three segments follow the cycles of corruption prevalent in many societies: “la llegada,” “las promesas” and “la fugai” (the arrival, the promises and the escape).

Narrative Film
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