For more than 20 years, Creative Capital has led the way in professional development programs for artists. Core to our mission is our belief that educational tools and skill sets are key to helping artists build sustainable practices and create a more accessible art world. Our artist-centered and artist-led programs help artists of all disciplines across the country build thriving careers, form supportive communities, and promote cultural equity.

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Communications and storytelling workshop leaders

Communications and Storytelling

Programs to strengthen artists’ communication skills, including how to market and present one’s self, values, and artwork on a variety of platforms.

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Planning and management workshop leaders

Planning and Management

Programs for managing the business side of an artistic practice, including goal setting, holistic planning, time management, negotiation, and career documentation.

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Relationships and resources workshop leaders

Relationships and Resources

Programs centered on building and maintaining relationships as part of art practice, including community building, collaboration, mutual support, and impact.

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Financial sustainability workshop leaders

Financial Sustainability

Programs that address the unique financial needs of artists, including fundraising, budgeting, and tax planning.

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We welcome and value partnerships with universities, fellowship programs, and other artist-support organizations. If your organization serves professional artists who are interested in advancing their careers, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss partnership opportunities including purchasing group access to our online workshops, hosting a custom Creative Capital workshop, proposing workshop content, and the mutual-sharing of information and resources.

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