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Ela Troyano is a multidisciplinary artist born in Cuba and based in New York City. She is also a Creative Capital Awardee and has been a principal figure in developing workshops for Creative Capital. Drawing on her experience as a workshop leader and her long career in the art world, she has developed a program

We spoke to Heather about her work. Alex Teplitzky: Usually I start by asking people to describe their project, but I feel like with your work, there is a personal narrative about how you arrived at this subject matter. Heather Dewey-Hagborg: Yes, all of the work that I do critically reflects back on the work

For his Creative Capital project, The Aristophanesathon, Sean Graney updated, adapted, and synthesized every surviving work by Greek playwright Aristophanes into a three-act, four-hour play. We spoke to Graney about his play.

Census tells the story of a widowed doctor diagnosed with a fatal illness. He decides to go on a final road trip north with his son, finding a job as a census-taker that is conducted through visiting houses across the country. It is not explained that the son has Down syndrome, but we infer that

Yance received a Creative Capital Award to produce Strong Island in 2012. The Creative Capital project had its New York premiere in 2017 at the New Directors/New Films 2017 Festival presented by MoMA and the Film Society of Lincoln Center. In my conversation with Ford, we talked about the film and what role it plays

We spoke to Martha Colburn just before the premiere of her project at MoMA. Alex Teplitzky: Karl May is a German author who wrote adventure novels set in the American Old West. He had never been there, even though he told everyone he had. He’s well known in Germany, but not in the US. How

We caught up with Narcissister as she prepared for the event. Alex Teplitzky: Organ Player is a piece that you have been working on since around 2013, and it seems like it’s developed a lot since then. Can you describe Narcissister Organ Player, and tell us about its evolution over the years? Narcissister: Narcissister Organ

We caught up with Heather to learn more about the work, and get a sense of what it was like behind-the-scenes in developing the choreography. Alex: How do you describe visions of beauty? Heather Kravas: visions of beauty is a dance about itself and the compulsive, lopsided, angry, funny, frustrating and redemptive messiness of everything.

We spoke to Jesse to learn more about his project. Alex Teplitzky: So tell me about Group Therapy. Jesse Bonnell: Group Therapy is a live documentary performance that confronts a year-long process of actual group therapy undertaken by my company, Poor Dog Group. Each of our therapy sessions were recorded and transcribed. From the transcription we

We spoke to Jim Findlay before the premiere of his show. Alex Teplitzky: How did you find out about Bruce Haack? Jim Findlay: I found out about him just through combing record store bins for weird ephemera. This was quite a while ago. My brother brought his record into the room when we were working