Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects book launch


March 20, 2024 7:30PM PT


Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024



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The new book Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects launches from 2016 Creative Capital Awardee Chris E. Vargas‘s Museum of Trans Hirstory & Art (MOTHA), a conceptual art project that is “forever under construction.” Exploring trans art, activism, artifacts and resistance across more than four centuries, Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects does away with the patriarchy and instead charts a gender-neutral, trans-centric hirstory of art. Vargas is joined by book contributors and artists Zackary Drucker, Edgar Fabián Frías, Raquel Gutiérrez, Amos Mac, and Uri McMillan, to celebrate, discuss, and perform trans and non-biniary magic; celebrity and activism; and trans-masc hirstories.

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