Mark Napier

New York, NY

Mark Napier, painter-turned-new-media-artist, is a pioneer of digital and internet art. Through his early web-based artworks such as The Shredder, Digital Landfill, and Feed, Napier explores the potential of worldwide networks as a public space for art. His experience as a software developer informs Napier.s software craft—he uses code as an expressive form, and the Internet as his exhibition space and laboratory. Napier.s work has been included in seminal exhibitions of Digital Art including the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Data Dynamics exhibition, the 2002 Whitney Biennial, the San Francisco Museum of Art’s 010101: Art in the Age of Technology, and the net_condition exhibition at ZKM | Center for Art & Media in Karlsruhe, Germany.

0x1 (Zero by One)

Mark Napier

Artist Bio

In 0x1 (Zero by One), Mark Napier works with a Java code software engineer to build a program that takes random data found on the Internet and uses it as the basis for a mandala computer drawing. Five networked computers are used to generate the necessary data for the mandala, a complex web of digital imagery and sound that endlessly begins re-creating itself as viewers at any of the five computers erase it with a single computer command. Inspired by Tibetan mandalas, which are used to understand the human relationship to the physical world, 0x1 interprets the human relationship to the virtual world and explores the way human life and technology influence one another.

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