Kay Miller

Kay Miller

Boulder, CO

Kay Miller’s exhibitions include Ra Tahi (2000) at the Toihoukura Tairawhiti Polytechnic in Gisborne, New Zealand, Keepers of the Wild (1999) at the State University of New York, and The Sniper’s Nest (1998) at the New Mexico Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe. Miller has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Nancy Gray Foundation, the Colorado Council for the Arts, and the Ford Foundation. She is a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Kiss of the Wild

Kay Miller

Artist Bio

Kay Miller’s Kiss of the Wild includes five new paintings that depict the interrelationship of the human and spiritual world. Kiss of the Wild draws upon indigenous people’s understandings and approaches to contemporary social and environmental issues. Boldly colored and filled with animal and cosmic imagery, Miller’s paintings often integrate discarded objects and materials that are given new life through inclusion in her work.

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