James Bidgood

New York, NY

James Bidgood is a New York-based photographer, filmmaker and costume designer. His underground classic Pink Narcissus was screened in movie theaters and museums worldwide and is currently distributed by Strand Releasing. Bidgood’s photography has been exhibited in solo shows at Nikolai Fine Art in New York; The Schoolhouse Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts; Galeria Maraeini in Bologna, Italy; and Galeria Espacio in Madrid, Spain. A 1960 graduate of the Parsons School of Design, Bidgood’s photographs have been published by Taschen in the book James Bidgood.

Bidgood passed away in 2022.

Bidgood-Blair’s Great American Traveling Midway Shows

James Bidgood

Artist Bio

Bidgood-Blair’s Great American Traveling Midway Shows is a series of staged photo-based works. Bidgood, primarily known as a filmmaker and a photographer whose work from the 1950s, 60s and 70s have gathered a cult following, applies the same theatricalization used in his earlier works to this new project. Bidgood envisions Bidgood-Blair’s Great American Traveling Midway Shows as a political, artistic statement on reactionary politics, sexuality and religion. The photos involve elaborate sets, costuming, and digital manipulation.

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