The One Thing That Gives Me Hope: A Message from Suzy Delvalle


With everything going on in the world right now, it’s increasingly difficult to see the light ahead. But we’re fortunate at Creative Capital because every day we get to see the powerful work of artists who are using their practices to address the state of the world.

Artists are truth-seekers and storytellers. They create, translate, and illuminate. They influence, inspire, and build movements. When we need to escape the news and the day’s events, we sink into a moving work of art or performance or film or book and it restores us. When we need to find a way to process what’s happening in the world, we look to the artists who transport us. They remind us that we’re human and they connect us to one another again.

We need this right now and always. And we need your support so that we can continue to work with artists across the country.

Please join us in our work, and gracias for believing in Creative Capital and the power of artists!


With gratitude,




Susan R. Delvalle
President & Executive Director

Header image: Tanya Aguiñiga’s Creative Capital project, AMBOS. Photo by Gina Clyne, courtesy of AMBOS Project.

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