Creative Capital Carnival 2024: An Artist Extravaganza!

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us for the 3rd edition of the Creative Capital Carnival artist gathering—a new summer tradition celebrating artists, radical ideas, and our vibrant community! We spent time discussing the state of the field with leading industry experts, breaking bread with our board and supporters, discovering new works-in-progress by 2024 Awardees in Visual Arts and Film, and connecting with alumni and friends on the waterfront. Over two productive and inspiring days from June 17 to 18, 2024, nearly 500 people joined us in-person across multiple venues in NYC and hundreds more watched the livestream of the Artist Project Videos on YouTube.

Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, Cheryl Finley, Edgar Arceneaux, Joseph V. Melillo, Tatiana Nikitina, Michelle Tortorelli, Tamar Guttmann, Grace Oh, Christine Kuan. Matt Borkowski/

Continuing our commitment to providing industry connections for artists, we welcomed the  2024 Creative Capital Awardees to Creative Capital HQ to discuss the state of the field in visual arts and film through intimate, curated roundtable sessions. Special thanks to the thought leaders from around the country who shared their insights and knowledge with the artists.

Erica Lord, Chaz John, Brandee Caoba. Deonté Lee/

Ania Trzebiatowska, Tchaiko Omawale, Thanh Tran, Dominic Willsdon, Maori Holmes, Jason Fitzroy Jeffers. Deonté Lee/

Margot Norton, Pablo de Ocampo, Nani Chacon, Chico MacMurtrie. Deonté Lee/

After an afternoon of stimulating conversations, we dined in the beautiful garden of Bottino to celebrate the 2024 Awardees with board members, industry guests, and supporters. The room was full of warmth and good vibes as we shared stories over a scrumptious farm-to-table custom menu for Creative Capital.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Edgar Arceneaux, Christine Kuan. Deonté Lee/

Kristina Wong, David Milch, Liz Ferrer, Bow Ty. Deonté Lee/

Reginald Browne. Deonté Lee/

Leah Gipson, Beatrice Glow, Miatta Kawinzi, Carmen Amengual, Azza El Siddique. Deonté Lee/

Kicking off the official Creative Capital Carnival at Metrograph Theater, our “Radical Ideas in Art and Film” panelists Lorraine O’Grady (2015 Creative Capital Awardee), James Schamus (Creative Capital National Advisory Council Member), and Nikyatu Jusu (2020 Creative Capital Awardee) discussed Adorno, honesty, vampires, and what it means to be an artist today (listen to the recording). The panel was followed by 31 orginal videos by 2024 Creative Capital Awardees introducing their new projects-in-progress.

Nikyatu Jusu, Lorraine O’Grady, James Schamus, Christine Kuan. Deonté Lee/

Sarah Jones, Russell Craig. Deonté Lee/

From investigations of African diaspora to underground tunnels of Chinese-American resistance, and from monuments of Native survival to DNA-patterned beaded burden belts, 2024 Awardee projects challenge the limits and possibilities of contemporary art today.

Nikyatu Jusu, Lorraine O’Grady. Deonté Lee/

Jason Fitzroy Jeffers, Robert Y. Chang, Jon-Sesrie Goff. Deonté Lee/

The Carnival culminated in an unforgettable celebration of our generous, artist-centered community on the South Street Seaport waterfront at Industry Kitchen, where incredible artists, alumni, industry, friends, and supporters formed new bonds against the backdrop of a glowing summer sunset.

George Scheer, Robin Cembalest, Kenneth Bailey, Aaron Landsman. Matt Borkowski/

Cheryl Finley, Lauren Ruffin, Aisa Villarose, Robert Ransick. Photo by Christine Kuan.

Beatrice Glow, Thanh Tran, Grace Oh. Matt Borkowski/

Emily Barker, Tchaiko Omawale. Matt Borkowski/

Allison Glenn, Jordan Ann Craig. Matt Borkowski/

Matt Borkowski/

Thank you to all of our awe-inspiring artists, Board of Directors, National Advisory Council, industry friends, staff, and generous supporters for making our grants, programs, and events like these possible!

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2024 Creative Capital Carnival Quotes

“I just wanted to drop a quick line to share my bountiful thanks for such a fantastic Carnival. I cannot begin to tell you how energizing it was for me. The conversations I had with both my fellow artists and the industry professionals were so inspiring, and I made some connections that I know will endure. You’ve given us such a gift.”

“I had the most wonderfully enriching two days at the Carnival. The artist projects were brilliant and the program was executed flawlessly.”

“Very well done. Great vibe in the room and great content on the screen. Amazing how much was communicated by each artist about their respective projects in such a short period of time.”

“What an inspiring and meaningful way to get to know this year’s cohort of Awardees!”

“It was an uplifting event, celebrating the new cohort and Creative Capital’s ongoing commitment to artists.”

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