Snapshot: Professional Development Workshops in Cary & Atlanta

Andrew Simonet

Andrew Simonet (center, in blue) leads a group of artists in PDP’s Cary, NC workshop.

The Creative Capital workshop has helped me to see the work I do in a different light: it is valuable, marketable and not something I should apologize for. My personal art practice should not come second to the work I do to make a living—permission to prioritize!
Cara Hagan, Participant, Core Skills Weekend Workshop, Cary, NC

Over the first weekend of February, Professional Development Program leaders took a trip south to Cary, NC and Atlanta, GA. In Cary, we partnered with the North Carolina Arts Council for a Core Skills Weekend, chock-full of insight from presenters Andrew Simonet, Beverly McIver, Jackie Battenfield, Sue Johnson & Colleen Keegan. In Atlanta, we worked with Flux Projects and PushPush Theater to present a one-day Artist-Community Engagement workshop led by Aaron Landsman and Dread Scott. The Atlanta workshop was generously underwritten by Tequila Herradura. Polly Garcia, a participant in Atlanta, told us: “This workshop, just the few hours here, fed my soul to help me continue on. The idea of ‘abundance’ was brought up, and I am so grateful for the abundant energy and compassion and thought that I was allowed to be part of here.”

Cary Core Skills

Core Skills Weekend participants and leaders letting loose in Cary, NC.

herradura 2014 logoCreative Capital is honored to be the charitable beneficiary of the second annual Herradura Barrel Art Competition. With support from Tequila Herradura, we are presenting PDP workshops to artists in seven cities free-of-charge in 2015. Click here to learn more about the program and the participating artists.

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