SuttonBeresCuller Bring "Trailer Park" and "Small Moons" to Louisville

SuttonBeresCuller (2008 Visual Arts) recently presented two major projects in Louisville in conjunction with the recent IdeaFestival. The collaborative group installed their nomadic urban oasis, Trailer Park, in front of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts and at other sites in downtown Louisville.
The mini-park, built on a car trailer, is complete with live grass turf, a tree and a working fountain powered by a car battery—free and open for anyone to enjoy. Trailer Park was commissioned by artwithoutwalls.
SuttonBeresCuller also created the site-specific installation, Small Moons, at LOT Gallery in Louisville (co-presented by artwithoutwalls and Land of Tomorrow).
The “small moons” are huge conglomerations of household objects, collected through local donations in response to the artists’ ad on Craigslist. 

To create the installation, SBC built geodesic armatures out of PVC pipe and started attaching the objects. Many of the electronics are wired in: old DVD players flash 12:00am, waiting for their clocks to be reset. Fans whir, lamps glow.

John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler have worked collaboratively on multi-disciplinary art projects since they met as students at Cornish College of the Arts. Since then, the three artists have shown in many venues, including the Henry Art Gallery, the Seattle Art Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum, On the Boards, Crawl Space and Lawrimore Project, as well as participating in many public performances and mobile projects. In addition to winning the Creative Capital grant in 2008 for their project, Mini-Mart City Park, SuttonBeresCuller has been awarded residencies at the Bemis Center and the MacDowell Colony, and received grants from Artist Trust, 4 Culture and One Reel.
Small Moons is on view at LOT Gallery through November 2. You can read more about the exhibition on Leo Weekly and, and see photos and videos of the installation on

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