Talk Back: Has your work been affected by Occupy Wall Street?

Before the final Panel Review stage of our grantmaking process, we ask applicants to submit updates about any progress or changes to their project since they submitted their original application. This year, many artists sent updates that were in direct response to current events in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We wanted to learn more about how artists are responding, so we posed the question on our Facebook page: Has your work or your studio practice been affected by Occupy Wall Street? If so, how?

Here are a few responses from Facebook—share your own by leaving a comment!

“Absolutely. I immediately felt compelled to join their ranks and dedicate at least one piece to the movement. Others are dedicating their entire OUTPUT to this movement right now. It was a necessity for me to contribute something.”
-Ryan Miller

“Work is affected, because becoming part of the dialogue takes time, presence and involvement. Our collective Art4ds (Art for Democratic Society) has put out an Occupy Oakland Chronicle…among other things.”
-Suzanne Husky

“It’s energizing, I have made great field recordings at Occupied Amsterdam, an opera singer sang. I would also like to share some sound there, been making lots of photos and sharing. It’s a great moment of positivity.”
-John Berry

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