Shortlist 2023

Creative Capital and its expert reviewers and panelists have the great privilege of seeing and learning about a wealth of exciting artists’ projects each grant cycle. The 2023 Shortlist features remarkable new projects in the performing arts, technology, literature, and multidisciplinary and socially engaged forms that advanced to the final round in the national selection process.

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  • The Incredible, Edible (MFA) Akynos Akynos and PJ Starr; Profane Dentata: Beyond Running with Wolves and Vagina Monologues; Multimedia Performance, Socially-Engaged Performance Theater; New York, NY
  • Bril Barrett; Hoofin’ It: The Untold Story of the Founders of Tap; Dance, Jazz, Multimedia Performance; Chicago, IL
  • Anna Craycroft; We arent speaking atm; Multimedia Performance, Music, Socially-Engaged Performance; Brooklyn, NY
  • Owen Ever, Shannon Flaherty, Christopher Kaminstein, Richon May, April Louise; The House; Theater; New Orleans, LA
  • Kristin Idaszak; Wilderness of Tigers; Theater; Chicago, IL
  • Monique Martin; Minty Fresh; Theater; New York, NY
  • Brian Nabors and Jeremy McQueen; Blood in the Soil; Dance, Music, Socially-Engaged Performance; Baton Rouge, LA and New York, NY
  • Anna Martine Whitehead; FORCE! an opera in three acts; Dance, Opera, Socially-Engaged Performance; Chicago, IL
  • Fia Backström; The Shape of Co- to Come; Multimedia Performance, Socially-Engaged Performance; Brooklyn, NY


  • Hans Baumann; Surface/Subsurface Los Angeles; Social-Engaged Technology; South Pasadena, CA
  • Nic[o] Brierre Aziz and Caroline Sinders; DLO; Digital Media, Hardware, Social-Engaged Technology; New Orleans, LA
  • Ann Chen and Jeffrey Yoo Warren; Networked Memory Enclaves; Digital Media, Social-Engaged Technology, Virtual Reality; Providence, RI and Brooklyn, NY
  • Lena Chen; OnlyBans; Games, Social-Engaged Technology; Pittsburgh, PA
  • Liliana Farber; Shtetl Protocol; Data Visualization; Brooklyn, NY
  • Thomas Helman and Sahar al-Sawaf; Tigris – VR; Digital Media, Social-Engaged Technology, Virtual Reality; Somers, NY
  • Lee Pivnik; Habitat: Regenerative Shelters as Symbiotic Solutions; Bio Art, Digital Media, Games; Miami, FL
  • Shraddha Ramani and William Villalongo; Printing Black America; Data Visualization; New York, NY
  • Daniel R. Small; Anomalous Divinations; Data Visualization, Digital Media, Software; Los Angeles, CA
  • Yeseul Song; Fragile Landscapes: Listening to Sunken Forest; Digital Media, Social-Engaged Technology; Brooklyn, NY


  • Frances Cha; Digital Child; Literary Fiction, Socially-Engaged Literature; Brooklyn, NY
  • Ruth Joffre; Queen of the Andes; Socially-Engaged Literature; Seattle, WA
  • Lana Lin; The Autobiography of H. Lan Thao Lam; Literary Nonfiction; Hamden, CT
  • Rachel Parish; [an origin]; Literary Fiction, Literary Nonfiction, Socially-Engaged Literature; Oakland, CA
  • Jennifer Scappettone; Pennies from Nether: A Score for Copper Lyre; Literary Nonfiction, Poetry, Socially-Engaged Literature; Chicago, IL
  • Navid Sinaki; The Huma Bird Never Lands; Literary Fiction, Literary Nonfiction, Poetry; Los Angeles, CA
  • Divya Victor; Working Title: Kinship Archives; Literary Nonfiction, Poetry, Socially-Engaged Literature; East Lansing, MI

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