LOUDER THAN WORDS (S.A. Bachman and Neda Moridpour) and Patrisse Cullors


Vehicle for Change (VFC) transforms a 26 foot truck into a mobile billboard, classroom, gathering space, and multimedia resource center addressing jail reform and incarceration alternatives in LA County. At the heart of this multidisciplinary project is a commitment to collective dialogue, collaborative art making and events, and building sustainable coalitions. VFC is partnering with two organizations: Dignity and Power Now, a Black and Brown led abolitionist movement rooted in community power to achieve transformative justice for incarcerated people, their families, and communities; and Reform LA Jails, which demands more effective strategies to reduce recidivism, prevent crime, and decrease populations cycling in and out of jail. VFC is designed to achieve positive political outcomes including passage of the 2020 “Reform Jails and Community Reinvestment” ballot initiative; a comprehensive strategic plan; and an extensive online platform containing curriculum for youth and adults nationwide.

Artists, educators, and activists S.A. Bachman and Neda Moridpour cofounded Louder Than Words (LTW), a cross-cultural intergenerational art collective that targets sexual assault, domestic violence, women and migration, LGBTQ+ equality, and jail reform. LTW engages multiple aesthetic strategies including outdoor projection, mobile billboards, round-table nomadic seminars, offset, and video. Patrisse Cullors is an artist, organizer, performer, and freedom fighter. She is the Cofounder of BlackLivesMatter and Founder of Dignity and Power Now, with a lifetime of experience advocating against police brutality, unjust imprisonment, systemic racism and LGBTQ+ liberation.