Cristina Molina

Neverglades, an immersive site-specific video and sound installation, links the wetlands of Florida with those of Louisiana. Mapping the protected Everglades—a locus for some of the earliest feminist writing on the environment—and the disappearing coast of Louisiana, past and present feminist voices intertwine to imagine a future utopia. Set in the Everglades National Park and Couterie Forest, a landscape ravaged by Hurricane Katrina that is just beginning to be reborn, viewers will encounter a series of simultaneous sound and video installations that blend site-specific audio/video field recordings, oral histories of past ecofeminist pioneers, and interviews with current ecofeminist leaders.

Women’s issues and how their identities parallel environmental concerns have been central themes in Cristina Molina’s work. The inspiration for Neverglades evolved from The Matriarchs series, a lens-based collaboration with the artist’s female relatives that emphasized physical gestures of connectivity, hierarchy, balance and tension—all dynamics that exist between women in family units. Centralizing immigrant Latina heritage amidst a disappearing South Floridian territory, Molina and her collaborators emphasized the feminine presence as tender, generative, and powerful. Molina is a visual artist who creates video installations that include still imagery and sculptural forms. Molina’s non-linear, hypnotic works centralize female protagonists within historical, mythical, and autobiographical narratives.