Alisha Wormsley


Children of NAN: Survival Guide is a film for future black women. It depicts philosophies, myths, rituals, and performances that Wormsley has been compiling for over a decade to document the ways black women care for themselves, for their fellow humans, and for the earth.

Alisha B. Wormsley is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer. Her work is about collective memory and the synchronicity of time, specifically through the stories of women of color. Wormsley is an artist who has worked in communities around the world, helping to develop artistic ideas and celebrate identities, and has organized public art initiatives for national and international audiences. In 2019, Wormsley was awarded the Presidential Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University to research and create work around the resurgence of matriarchal energy (defined as witchcraft by white supremacy) in the African American community.