Yanira Castro: I came here to weep


August 12 — August 13, 2023


ODC Theater
3153 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


$20 — $100

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Yanira Castro, I came here to weep. Photo by Katie Dean.

As part of  State of Play Festival, I came here to weep from 2023 Grantee Yanira Castro is a Creative-Capital funded performance co-created with its audience. It is a confession, an intentional undoing, an exorcism. Castro asks questions about gathering in performance, catharsis and manipulation: Why are we here? How do we assemble? Are we community? The project contemplates assembling and weeping as direct action, as communal trust. Composed of participatory scores for the public, dances for mourning, and the re-composing and redaction of U.S. treaties on territorial possession, “weep” is a space for congregating, negotiating with the public how we inhabit together.—