Todd Chandler: Bulletproof


September 23, 2022 7:15pm ET


Museum of Moving Image
Queens, New York



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Image still from Bulletproof by Todd Chandler.

Todd Chandler’s Creative Capital Project, Bulletproof, screens at the Museum of Moving Image in Queens, New York on September 23.

Some rituals of American schooling have held steady for generations: homecoming parades, senior proms, sports practices, math class. Alongside these are a collection of newer traditions: lockdown drills, teacher firearms training, metal detector screenings, and school safety trade shows. Rather than focus on the causes and effects of mass shootings, Bulletproof explores the emerging codes and growing industries of prevention strategies, and what they say about our society and priorities. Todd Chandler’s breakthrough documentary is a slow-burn cinematic meditation on the array of forces that shape the culture of violence in the United States.

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