Skaters’ Score


May 17 and 18, 2019


Lincoln Park skatepark, 3501 valley blvd. L.A. CA 90031

SKATERS’ SCORE brings together 5 Deaf skateboarders from across the U.S. with 4 L.A. based musicians for a new performance by Alison O’Daniel. O’Daniel, who is hard of hearing, worked in collaboration with Darrick De La O, a Deaf skater, surfer, snowboarder and a four-time medalist in the Deaflympics. They were joined by hearing multi-instrumentalist and composer Patrick Shiroishi to develop a site-specific musical composition integrating the sonic vocabulary of skateboarding. The performance re-prioritizes and expands music by shifting emphasis and priority away from the ears. The composition will consider the tactile, spatial, and visual aspects of sound so that the musicians and skaters can develop a sonic and aural vocabulary determined by physical distance, multiple modes of communication – including descriptions of sound through American Sign Language, the architecture and design of the skatepark, location of audience, ambient sounds in the surrounding park and possible ways of listening/responding to one another.

Directed by Alison O’Daniel. Composed by Patrick Shiroishi. Skaters: Darrick De La O (Los Angeles), Napo Lank (Phoenix, AZ), Brian Estrada (St. Paul, MN), Alex Brand (Phoenix, AZ), Bryan Ramos (Austin, TX). Musicians: Ken Moore (upright bass), Pauline Lay (violin), Dylan Fujioka (accordion) and Patrick Shiroishi (saxophone).

6 PM May 17 and May 18 –> Lincoln Park Skatepark in Lincoln Heights –> 3501 Valley Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90031. Parking lot and street parking are available.

The project is commissioned by JOAN with support from the Mike Kelley foundation and the Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles. More information can be found at