Sarah Rosalena: In All Directions


September 9, 2023 — February 4, 2024


Columbus Museum of Art
480 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215



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Axis, 2023. Smoked ceramic. 3D print. 9 x 9 x 2 inches. Photo: Ruben Diaz.

The Columbus Museum of Art presents In All Directions by Sarah Rosalena (2021 Grantee.) Rosalena’s artworks fuse the materiality of traditional and indigenous craft techniques with emerging technologies to produce objects that break boundaries and borders imposed by colonialization. Through her art, indigenous and craft technologies open new knowledges between the ancient and the futuristic, the human and nonhuman, and handmade and autonomous. The title of the exhibition, In All Directions, at once signals the irrelevance of the compass points in the expansiveness of the universe, and the potential held in multi-cosmologies, temporalities, and the infinite that could help us rewrite the narratives of the past and imagine different futures that break the binary structures rooted in “discovery.” In All Directions includes several major bodies of work, such as Transposing a Form (2020), Above Below (2020), Standard Candle (2021–2023), and Pointing Star (2023), as well as new textiles and sculptures created for presentation at the CMA.

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