Ekene Ijeoma: Black Forest in Seattle


February 25, 2024 11AM-2PM


Powell Barnett Park
352 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Seattle, WA 98122



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Black Forest is a nationwide living monument and archive for Black lives lost to racial inequalities and injustices, for which Ekene Ijeoma (2019 Awardee) is recording the names and stories of the loved ones lost and planting trees for them. Starting in November 2022, he has organized plant-ins for COVID-19 deaths in Melvindale (Greater Detroit), Boston, San Francisco, Florida City (Greater Miami), St. Louis, Providence and Miami. In collaboration with local and regional urban forestry nonprofit organizations and government agencies, social and spiritual workers, chefs, DJs, and volunteers, he has planted about 200 mid-to-large trees of various species in parks, lawns, and sidewalks. These events are meant to honor and remember Black life through new growth and breath as future evidence of the resilience and perseverance of Black communities.

Black Forest is coming to Seattle Sunday, February 25th. They will be saying the names of loved ones lost in the Black community, planting large trees for them and giving away small trees and plants, eating, playing music, and maybe more.  To submit a loved one, plant a tree for them and others, or just hold space, visit black-forest.us.

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