Daniel Eisenberg: The Unstable Object II


September 30–October 16, 2022


New York Film Festival
New York City

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Hands working next to a pile of gloves.
©2022 Daniel Eisenberg, The Unstable Object II

Daniel Eisenberg’s Creative Capital Project, The Unstable Object II, will be screening at the 60th New York Film Festival. The film presents a dynamic triptych that patiently observes people working at three factories around the world: a prosthetics manufacturer in the German city of Duderstadt, a glove maker in the southern French commune Millau, and a jeans plant in Istanbul. Each discrete section of the film presents a place with its own distinct process and scale of production, yet taken together, they create an indelible image of a global workforce, one that never loses sight of the humans at the center, despite the industrial machines they are often seen operating. Eisenberg’s stationary camera pays close attention to both the individual and the collective, showing the rigorous labor as well as the intricate design and craft that go into every detail, encouraging a rich, active viewership.

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