Liturgy|Order|Bridge by Deborah Goffe


February 9 & 10, 2024


Center for the Arts
Wesleyan University
271 Washington Terrace
Middletown, CT 0645945



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Scapegoat Garden, directed by Deborah Goffe (2022 Creative Capital Awardee) presents the latest iteration of Liturgy|Order|Bridge, a participatory dance ritual that fuses sacred traditions and secular performance modalities to make porous the border between audience and performance. Calling on Black church traditions, a group of performers, along with a chorus of local artists and change-makers, brings guests into a collective score of movement, clapping, and vocalization.

Drawing from practices of Black cultural and religious life, the work is a contemporary ceremony for gathering—through acts of care, hospitality, and shared witness. Liturgy|Order|Bridge stages an encounter through which participants can identify and establish shared connections among and to one another in ways that ripple out beyond the performance itself.

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