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We spoke to Raja Feather Kelly about Liz Eden, translating documentary into dance performance, and the difficult question of how one tells the story of another.

Fallen Fruit talks about their Creative Capital Project, Endless Orchard, which is anchored at their Monument to Sharing in Los Angeles State Historic Park.

We spoke to Todd Chandler about his Creative Capital Project, Bulletproof, a documentary exploring how the drive to prevent gun violence is shaping the culture of American schools.

Ry Russo-Young spoke about her Creative Capital Project, Nuclear Family, a three-part documentary series on HBO and HBO Max. The series follows Ry as she turns the camera on her own past to explore the meaning of family.

Laura Parnes speaks about her Creative Capital Project Tour Without End, a film installation that captures musicians and artists in artist-run spaces and venues (some now defunct) in a moment in time.

Erin Cosgrove spoke about her new animation film, The Living Book, full of dark satire coupled and a dizzying array of influences.

Hsuan Hsu speaks about his new book which examines how smell affects our daily life and lived-in atmospheres, and how smell works in representation in art.

As the boundaries between art and activism are increasingly overlapping. Anthony Carfello, Shoghig Halajian, and Suzy Halajian speak about their online platform, Georgia, which publishes writing about contemporary problems.

Elissa Washuta spoke about heartbreak, how the internet changed her life, and her new book, her Creative Capital Project, White Magic.

Sheetal Prajapati talks about how her multiplicity of “identities” as an interdisciplinary artist and arts administrator benefits her larger practices.