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Creative Capital has supported the country’s most groundbreaking artists for the past two decades, helping them bring ambitious works of art to life. For our 20th Anniversary, Creative Capital Awardees Taylor Mac, Yara Travieso, and Kenny Fries shared their reflections on the past 20 years of art. Please consider making a contribution to support our next 20 years! From now until December 31, your donation will be doubled by a generous $20,000 match from our Board Co-Chair Stephen Reily!


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Taylor Mac creates solo works and large-scale ensemble performances. Mac’s Creative Capital Project, The Lily’s Revenge, is a seven-hour multidisciplinary theater work about alternative communities, the homogeneity of culture, and contemporary apocalyptic narratives, set in five parts.

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Twenty Years Ago
I saw a garden growing in my rib cage
I surrendered to its wild weeds and saturated petals
But only I could sense it
The others were oblivious
Now those petals have multiplied on the backs of my sisters
A density so full of colors, light and stillness
Now it is I who choose not to reveal the garden to anyone
Until the grounds have been sufficiently tended to.

Yara Travieso is a Brooklyn writer, director, filmmaker, and choreographer. Her Creative Capital Project, La Medea, re-imagines Euripides’ violent tragedy into a dance-theater performance and feature film á la Latin-disco-pop variety show.

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Kenny Fries

“For the past 20 years, my work has looked at how disability provides an understanding of the interconnectedness between individuals and between different cultures. I have used the prism of my life as a writer who lives with a congenital physical disability to forge a new understanding of a wide range of values and ideas, from systems of interdependence to intersectionality to Darwinian evolution to the connection between disability and the Holocaust. In 1997, Body, Remember: A Memoir, was published by Dutton and I edited Staring Back: The Disability Experience from the Inside Out, which was the first multi-genre anthology of writers with disabilities writing about disability to be published by a commercial publisher. Since then, my goal has been to move disability arts to the center of cultural conversation. With Creative Capital’s support—funding, networking, coaching, professional development, marketing, and community—In the Province of the Gods was published in 2017, and I’ve come closer to my goal.”
Kenny Fries is a writer based in Berlin.

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