Creative Capital Artist Benefit + Banquet: A Feast for the Senses!

Brilliant artists, wild performances, captivating fragrances, and a delectable Chinese banquet—Creative Capital’s inaugural Artist Benefit + Banquet was a feast for the senses! On September 20, 2022, friends of Creative Capital gathered at the jewel-box dining room of Hutong to honor fearless, boundary-pushing, risk-takers in the arts. See coverage in Cultured, The Cut, and The New York Times

Gia Kuan, JiaJia Fei. Credit: BFA/Madison McGaw

Guadalupe Maravilla, Christine Kuan. Credit: BFA/Madison McGaw

Visionary artists and leaders were celebrated, representing the range of Creative Capital project grants for artists: Lorraine O’Grady (2015 Creative Capital Grantee) for her pioneering performance, conceptual and Black feminist art; Guadalupe Maravilla (2016 Creative Capital Grantee) for his exceptional work with undocumented immigrant communities and healing; Larissa FastHorse (2019 Creative Capital Grantee), the first female Indigenous playwright to have a play on Broadway, for her community-engaged plays built upon radical inclusion with Indigenous tribes; and JiaJia Fei for amplifying artists’ voices and founding the first digital agency for art. Luminaries Marcela Guerrero, Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, James Schamus, Elena Soboleva and Job Piston made toasts and personal tributes to the honorees.

Larissa FastHorse. Credit: BFA/Madison McGaw

Job Piston, Elena Soboleva. Credit: BFA/Madison McGaw

“Artists lead the way in thinking outside our systems, markets, institutions, and conventions. Our commitment to artists IS our commitment to EQUITY.” —Christine Kuan, President & Executive Director


Du Yun, Shayna Dunkelman, Ok Miss, Credit: BFA/Madison McGaw

Josely Carvalho, Sunny Bates. Credit: BFA/Madison McGaw

Benefit guests enjoyed spirited cocktails and contemporary Northern Chinese cuisine in the jewel-box dining room of Hutong, New York. A centrepiece of the evening was a performance by the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Du Yun (2022 Creative Capital Grantee) and her experimental band, Ok Miss, followed by a dance party with music by Oscar Nñ of Papi Juice. Bespoke fragrance art made by Brazilian-born multimedia artist Josely Carvalho (2000 Creative Capital Grantee), in partnership with Ananse Química LTDA and Givaudan do Brasil, was gifted to all benefit guests.

Credit: BFA/Madison McGaw

All proceeds from the event will support critical grant funding for groundbreaking artists. Thank you to all of our Hosts, Benefit Committee, partners, sponsors, artists, staff, contributors, and supporters for making the event possible!

Special thanks to our event hosts Jane Brown, Reggie and Aliya Browne, Isa Catto and Daniel Shaw, Joseph V. Melillo and Catharine R. Stimpson, lead supporters Isa Catto and Daniel Shaw, Jane Brown, The Linda Genereux and Timur Galen Family Fund, Reggie and Aliya Browne, Stephen Reily and Emily Bingham and the Lambent Foundation, a fund of the Tides Foundation, as well as from the Benefit Committee, and partners ALMA Communications, ananse, BFA, Fremont Blue Events, Givaudan, and Rosalia.

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