Learn More About the Creative Capital Award!

Creative Capital has just launched a new information site dedicated to the Creative Capital Award application that will open on February 1, 2018. For the first time in the organization’s history, artists of any discipline will be able to apply in the same year. The idea is to adapt the award structure to further support bold voices who are pushing the boundaries of all cultural fields and remove any limitations to how (and in what format) they express themselves. Creative Capital staff and artists explain the approach in this new video:

“We’ve seen with prior award cycles that categorizing artists by discipline doesn’t always fully represent the scope of their work,” said Suzy Delvalle, President and Executive Director. “Artists are constantly innovating and imagining new possibilities, like Ghana ThinkTank using community engagement to build new architectural forms in Detroit, or Carlos Motta exploring web-based video portraits of gender performance. They move fluidly between fields and their work benefits greatly because of it. By considering artists of multiple disciplines, we are making our award more accessible to artists who are not easily classified and strengthening our commitment to visionary risk-takers. I am very excited to see what this new round of applicants will come up with.”
Before applications open in February, Creative Capital staff members are hosting a series of free info sessions around the country. Several of these have already been announced with many more to be confirmed in the coming weeks; artists interested in learning more about the application process and award can RSVP online and join our mailing list for further updates. For those who can’t make it to an info session in person, there will also be online sessions in January and February.

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