Worried About The Environment? So Are These Artists

Creative Capital artists tackle important issues. Each day this week, we are featuring Creative Capital-supported projects that are truly changing the way we see our world. We need YOUR support for this work to continue. Are you concerned about the environment? So are these Creative Capital Awardees…

Jae Rhim Lee: Infinity Burial Project

The two-part Infinity Burial Project explores the choices we face post-mortem. The Infinity Burial System converts corpses into useable biomethane gas, detoxifies the corpse using a new hybrid mushroom (Infinity Mushroom), and creates clean compost. The system is now produced and sold through Lee’s company, Coeio. An accompanying film focuses on death denial, cryonics, and the artist’s own confrontation with death through illness while she developed the Infinity Burial System.

Brian Harnetty: Shawnee, Ohio

Performed with sampled archives, field recordings and live musicians, Shawnee, Ohio critically engages ecology, energy, place and personal history to ask: What are the sounds of mining? Of fracking? Of a town fighting to survive after a century of economic decline and environmental degradation? These sounds are recorded as compositional material reflecting layers of history and memory in Appalachian Ohio. The project premieres with an album and live performances in March 2018.

desert ArtLAB: The Desertification Cookbook

The diverse spectrum of flora and fauna found in healthy desert regions around the world has been a source of food, medicine, intoxicants and mythology dating back to a pre-agricultural era. The Desertification Cookbook will examine strategies for living based on the limits of our environment and will pilot an ecological installation in an urban desert community to demonstrate the resilience of arid land ecologies.

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