Criminal Justice Reform: Artists Are Fighting for Change!

Creative Capital artists tackle important issues. Each day this week, we are featuring Creative Capital-supported projects that are truly changing the way we see our world. We need YOUR support for this work to continue. Are you concerned about criminal justice reform? So are these Creative Capital Awardees…

Shaun Leonardo, Sable Elyse Smith, Melanie Crean: Mirror/Echo/Tilt

Mirror / Echo / Tilt is a collaborative project between artists, educators, and individuals affected by the justice system. Performative vignettes are translated through the body and recorded in vacant former institutions, such as empty prisons and courthouses, to consider how individuals might assert agency in the reclamation of physical and psychic space.

Laurie Jo Reynolds: The Honeybun Comedy Hour

The artist behind the Tamms Year Ten campaign is now at work on The Honey Bun Comedy Hour, an educational series scripted by experienced prison monitors. The Comedy Hour will reenact real and imagined scenes from the Illinois criminal justice system. The goal is to use humor and parody to expose absurdities in the current system and build enthusiasm for specific policy reforms.

Titus Kaphar: The Jerome Project

The Jerome Project is an investigation into the criminal justice system through the common and traditionally African-American name, Jerome—the name of the artist’s father. After conducting a series of interviews with Jeromes, Kaphar will work with local high-school students to create a body of work based on their lives and experiences.

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