A Message From our Board of Directors: Creative Capital Loves and Supports Artists

Creative Capital loves and supports artists,
because artists reveal and shape the future of an always-evolving America.
Creative Capital defends artists,
because society and the state often resist what artists have to say.
In this time of division and fear, we stand together with artists and those who champion them.
Creative Capital was founded in the late ’90s in a climate of fierce political opposition to arts funding and creative expression. Private funders came together to found this organization with a mission to champion and defend the essential role of artists in our society. Since our founding in 1999, Creative Capital has stood behind artists with a strong commitment to creativity, inclusion, activism and freedom of expression.
In this moment, when the values we hold most dearly are being threatened, we reaffirm Creative Capital’s ongoing commitment to supporting creative voices and the right to free speech and expression.
Next week, we invite you to join us in celebrating the crucial role that artists play in a free and just society. Over the course of the week, we will share one blog post each day highlighting issue-based projects from Creative Capital Awardees who are using their practices to make a better future for us all. We hope you will consider joining our generous community with a donation to support this critical work.
Stephen Reily, Chair
and the Creative Capital Board of Directors

Image above: Stephen Reily and Suzy Delvalle at the 2017 Creative Capital Benefit

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