Community Engagement Projects: Breaking Down the Target Audience


Amara Tabor Smith and Ellen Sebastien Chang perform “House/Full,” Photo by: Robbie Sweeny

If changing the world were easy, everyone would be doing it.
The goal of a community engagement campaign is to activate an audience to take action and make change happen — even when its not easy.
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While it seems as though a social change campaign should have as broad an appeal as possible, it can often be more effective to be strategic about the audience that you are targeting. As Stephanie Bleyer stresses, unless you’re DisneyWorld or Taylor Swift, your message isn’t actually for “everyone.”
Defining your target audience is a critical step to take before attempting to fundraise or promote a project. In narrowing down your target audience it can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Messages — What does your art say about what’s right or wrong?
  2. Change Types — Where is the change focus? Are you working towards “bottom up” change – raising public awareness or motivating public engagement? Are you pushing for “top down” change through political, corporate or legal avenues? Or is your conception of change some mixture of the two?
  3. Change Goals — What are your definitions of success and impact? How do you know when you’ve successfully facilitated the change you’d like to see?
  4. Decision Makers — Who can make this happen? Who are the critical actors who could directly implement the desired change?
  5. Influencers — Who do the decision makers listen to? (As the saying goes, “Political leaders don’t lead, they follow.”)

These types of questions can help you to better strategize your social change campaign. For example, a campaign that is focused on a top down approach might seek to reach out to political leaders directly, where a campaign that decides to focus on key influencers might focus on community leaders who can exert pressure on their political representation.
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